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We can offer you these alternatives. (click here to see a map of the canoeing area):

  • Weekendtrip
  • 1 week trip
  • 2 week trip

Your journey will begin in ED, at the canoe central CANODAL in the Lake District of Sweden. Here you will get your canoeing equipment and a short introductory course in paddling technique and all information necessary. We ask you not to disturb breeding birds, not to cut down trees and to put your waste in the nature (there are dust-bins to be found at the camping sites). First you will be paddling north in the great wilderness of the lake STORA LEE. Choose the shore sides most suitable, depending on wind direction. Halfway north you will find the village NÖSSEMARK to the west. 10 km further north, the border between Sweden - Norway splits the lake in Lake District of Sweden two halves.

The lake STORA LEE debouches into the lake FOXEN, which is well worth a visit with its great number off isles. Paddle at first eastwards in the lake FOXEN, then turn off south to LENNARTSFORS. After you have gone through the lock in LENNARTSFORS - the third biggest lock in the Canal - continue into the lake LELÅNGEN. Here, the countryside is similar to the fjords in Norway. Paddle on the lee side of the lake. From there it is about 40 km to the community of BENGTSFORS, and it usually takes about two days to reach this beautiful village. Take time to see some of their famous straw-produkts. You can continue through the locks at BENGTSFORS, then follow the channel until you reach BILLINGSFOR Lake District of Sweden S, which ends this one-weektrip. From there you can get transport to ED at a fee

Canoeing in the Lake District of Sweden

On the two-weektrip you can continue canoing in the lake LAXSJÖN i the Lake District of Sweden. Go on the eastside until you reach the debouch of STENEBYÄLVEN. Follow the brook to the railway (you have to carry the canoe about 50 mtr). Make sure the water is deep enough before continuing. If not, you must transport the canoe on land to VIKESANDSVIKEN. Then paddle through the lakes IVÄGSJÖN and GRANN. When you have reached the westpoint of GRANN you have another landtransport to make, to the eastpoint of the lake VÅNGSJÖN, this is 800 mtr. When you've reached the westpoint of this lake, the paddling has come to an end. From there you have 6 km to walk before you are back in ED, of course transportation can be arranged. When you are trevelling on our lovely lakes i the Lake District of Sweden, please help us keep the wilderness unspoiled. These are just a few examples of trips to do, but remember that there are many different options and the possibilities are nearly unlimited. Canodal has long experience and works in a flexible manner, so we can help you arrange the trip that YOU want.


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