Canoeing in West Sweden

Canoeing in West Sweden, Dalsland, the Lake District of Sweden where you can enjoy our beautiful nature and calm surroundings. Canodal is a full service canoe center where you can rent all canoeing equipment needed for a nice canoe trip. We also teach you basic paddle technique and how you should behave when you are out on a canoeing trip in West Sweden.

Travel to Swedisch Lake District (click here to find us).

Flights from UK to Gothenburg 2h

Train Gothenburg - Canodal 1,5h

Canodal is right by the lake Stora Lee. It only takes 5 minutes to walk here from the railway station. From Stora Lee you have water connections with Dalslands Kanal. The water in Stora Lee is very clean and you can even drink it. Here you have great possibilities to rest, to go fishing and to enjoy the nature (click here for a map).